A Philosophy of Boredom

Lars Svendsen
Puslapių skaičius: 
192 psl.
Reaktion Books
Leidimo metai: 
2005 m.
Rugpjūtis 14, 2019
1020 peržiūrų
37 atsisiuntimai
It has been described as a "tame longing without any particular object" by Schopenhauer, "a bestial and indefinable affliction" by Dostoevsky, and "time's invasion of your world system" by Joseph Brodsky, but still very few of us today can explain precisely what boredom is. A Philosophy of Boredom investigates one of the central preoccupations of our age as it probes the nature of boredom, how it originated, how and why it afflicts us, and why we cannot seem to overcome it by any act of will. Lars Svendsen brings together observations from philosophy, literature, psychology, theology, and popular culture, examining boredom's pre-Romantic manifestations in medieval torpor, philosophical musings on boredom from Pascal to Nietzsche, and modern explorations into alienation and transgression by twentieth-century artists from Beckett to Warhol. A witty and entertaining account of our dullest moments and most maddening days, A Philosophy of Boredom will appeal to anyone curious to know what lies beneath the overwhelming inertia of inactivity. Lars Svendsen is professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is the author of A Philosophy of Fear, Fashion: A Philosophy, and A Philosophy of Boredom, all published by Reaktion Books. English translation by John Irons


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